The Home of the Future, or Look at it another way!

Jane and Kate are discussing the idea of the HOME (that loaded word)  for elders, how much we may ( in Jane’s case may not) come to desire quiet places, away from children! drumming, loud music, opera… yet plenty of opportunities to exchange chat/intellectual debate with neighbours eg about the Olympics ( yes really) and exhibitions, ie keeping abreast of what is going on even if it isn’t political or ecological.

Perhaps  elders’ picture of the future is different from what we call The Future right now. Do we feel a bit overwhelmed by what The Future appears to hold for us – and the western world – while we remain in our fifties? How to park these concerns and get on with the task in hand, which is to measure how much space it takes to live in in old age, the dimensions of living spaces ( architectural, ergonomic, care considerations) and the dimensions of physical and emotional wellbeing and stimulation.

The impossibility of imagining oneself at another stage of life: what comes next or after next: and do we have to learn something about old age from our own elders rather than speculate on our futures, look to the present not the future?

Pooling what we can learn now from the elders we know and meet and read about.  Setting a value on what they have to say. So if you’re having difficulty with imagining the brick and mortar part of this project  and how much we want to purchase a dirty old police station with no grass, etc, then look at it another way: what messages are you getting from your elders right now?

Jane has recommended: The Warmth of the Heart Keeps your Body from Rusting, Marie de Hennezel, as a starting point for focussing on your responses to the idea of ageing.  Has anybody else got any reading they recommend at this stage, apart from the very jolly Best exotic Marigold Hotel?

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