the Hub and Spokes model

Responding to Jane’s prompts for looking at existing ‘senior lifestyle housing’, etcetera, I can report that rather than reflect on the big projects in existence, Greg has been drawing and formulating the community-around-a courtyard: it remains ideally quite a small cluster. Though reproducible, in a modular fashion.

The small model probably is less unnerving for us to consider, given that we are still a small blog-connected community, than a great estate covered in bungalows, such as the amazing care home that Jane identified in the New Forest – a failed care home with dementia wing and hospital facility.

If we are to be a small knot, who is and who is not … ?

Passing a fine barn and outhouse with farmhouse yesterday for sale in a village with station but no shops at all, we wondered if we would have the gumption if we were part of a bigger group than just us, a couple, to buy into such a village and set up the bakery/food coop (as well as the library and concert hall)?

So what are we setting ourselves up to aspire to?

KM June 2012

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