Keeping Doing

A central principle of the Living Project is that things will happen both by design and spontaneously, according to the energies and skills of the individuals who get involved. Enrichment through work and well-being will also apply to treating the site where the project unfolds to a programme of restitution and growth.


We welcome proposals to add to this list:

  • keeping things in good order, salvaging and recycling materials
  • making and mending items as big as barns and boats, as small as chair seats and bicycles: mending as an aspect of cottage industry
  • using special equipment, hoists and machinery in the boatbuilding/restoration workshop
  • keeping fit: offering a floor for dance, yoga and a roof to raise in singing to suit people of all ages, whether they are in their early or declining years
  • coming together to speak and listen: music helps as much in regaining language in stroke and dementia as it does in language development in the very young. There is also the mutual advantage of bringing small children often, in fact daily, into the company and society of the older generation – especially to benefit from reading aloud
  • a programme of walks: including ‘walk and talk’ together, counselling while moving through open space/gardens
  • seasonal courses in growing plants for culinary or medicinal uses, based on our earlier healthy eating projects, e.g. the Heart Garden for heart bypass, mental health and diabetes patients, the Physic garden at Dulwich Hospital and Galleywall Nature Reserve, Rotherhithe
  • a series of ‘hedge school’ classes, to develop from winter and wet-weather activities such as music-making, writing (local history, biography, poetry) and more …
  • hosting speakers and workshop leaders in horticulture, hedging, crafts and traditional skills like basket making, beekeeping – not just discussed but honed and practised with materials on site, with emphasis on pollinator-friendly planting and coppicing/pruning for sustainability





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